Joint International Call for Applications:4-year research group at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai– Chinese Academy of Sciences : Shanghai, China


  Joint International Call for Applications 

  Fondation Mérieux – Institut Pasteur – Chinese Academy of Science 

  for candidates to head 4-year research group 

  within the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai – Chinese Academy of Science 

  Fondation Mérieux, Institut Pasteur and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) wish to strengthen their collaborations in the areas of research, training and teaching in China.

  Fondation Mérieux, Institut Pasteur and the CAS are jointly launching an international call for applications for young researchers in the life sciences who wish to create one research groups within the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai – CAS, member institute of the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN).

  The young scientist leading the group must propose a multidisciplinary, innovative and ambitious international research program in infectious, tropical or neglected diseases in collaboration with the BSL4 laboratory, localized in Wuhan Institute of Virology – Chinese Academy of Science.

  A previous experience of the candidate in the domain of viral hemorrhagic fever will be appreciated well as an experience in “Pathogen Diagnostic ” and “Pathogen Discovery ”approaches.

  The candidate has international post-doctoral experience. 

  Candidates selected will be appointed head of a research group for 4 years. Successful candidates will receive start-up funding that may include salaries for the head of the group, engineers, technicians and doctoral students (budget dedicated to salaries cannot exceed 50% of the start-up funding), basic laboratory equipment and an operating budget. Candidates will have access to the facilities of the host Institute. It is assumed that the young researcher will obtain fresh funding needed to maintain his/her group for the longer term.

For application

  Closing date for applications: March 1st, 2018 

  Applications are required to be submitted in both ways as bellow:

  -IPS contactor: Chen LIANG, 

  Applications include Curriculum vitae, brief summary of previous accomplishment and future research plans, and three letters of references. All documents should be addressed to: Mrs.

  Chen LIANG, Secretary, Talents Searching Committee, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences at

  -IPP contactor: Marianne Lucas-Hourani, 

  You will find full detailed introduction for call on the website:

  For project consultation, you can contact Mrs. Marianne Lucas-Hourani at